Re-Mediating Project Proposal

Description of repurposed project: I repurposed my project by changing the audience, and conducting research that would include historical evidence to make my claims stronger. I also drew on feminist writings by women of color so that I may enter a discussion about race highly informed and uniquely situated in my argument for gender and racial inclusivity.


Audience: Speaking directly to the White Community, and indirectly speaking to women of color with the message of recognition for their devotion to the American Dream.


Form: Akin to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous open letter to eight White clergymen from Alabama in a Birmingham jail, this letter is similar. This journalistic work is an original draft that would be appropriate for new media in a blogging form. This blog is having a direct conversation with Black women, but engages in an open conversation with the local community. This open letter explores the meaning and significance of race in the imagination of traditional American society.


New medium of re-purposed  proposal:Documentary Why that new medium is the best choice Provides a vivid interpretation of the argument I’m making for the needed acknowledgement for the historical relevance of women of color to this country in a rich, engaging way.


Proposed deliverables

• Get viewers conscious about the matters of women of color

• Assert an expectation that able-thinking people should be more critical about history

• Make clear of the relevance for women of color to this nation, and our world

• Be transparent about the conversations that communities of color have about their historical contributions to this country • Challenge viewers to think and rethink history, and what makes this nation “great.”

• Give context to the isolation and disengagement that this country has with women leaders from these communities

• Translate the contributions that women of color make to this nation in a way that makes it relatable to others

Brittany Smith

University of Michigan (first year) senior, Detroit native.

2 thoughts to “Re-Mediating Project Proposal”

  1. Hi Brittany,

    This seems like an awesome idea. I have a question: Will/Can it be orally delivered to an audience as well, much like MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Will the documentary be more of a narration, or will it incorporate first-person experiences through interviews as well?

    I’m excited to work together with you during revisions for the re-mediation project! 🙂


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