Blog Theme #1: Reflection

As your formally elected Minor in Writing Blog Committee, we cordially invite all cohort members to participate in our monthly “themed” blogging. We feel that themed posts will both promote inter-cohort communication and collaboration, as well as provide a multitude of perspectives on a single, focused topic. Think of these prompts as “guidelines” to use in order to freely express your thoughts and opinions about the subjects at hand.

For April’s theme, we’d like you to reflect on you writing experiences this semester. What was your favorite thing you wrote? Did you write anything outside of your coursework that was meaningful to you? What lies ahead for the rest of your semester? Remember to use the appropriate tags and categories: Monthly Theme, April, Reflection.

Mulan - Reflection
Get it? Reflection? We’re very funny people.

We look forward to your contributions.

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Naomi Silver

This semester, you'll find me blogging and creating eportfolios with my Sweetland Minor in Writing gateway course students.

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