Cant seem to write my RCHUMS essay

So I’m sitting here at my desk (just remembered that I had to do a blog post this week because I’m group 1…whoops) but I actually have a really appropriate topic to write about, so that’s fine.

I can’t find the motivation to write my essay for another class. Its due tomorrow night, and I’ve started it, but I cant seem to do it. Tomorrow I’m gonna pull a Melody and morning write it. Its pretty low stakes, but, I mean, every point counts.

The class that I’m writing it for is RC 360, and, in my opinion, its one of those things that I’m not going to spend much time on and not going to revise extensively. I know its bad, but the level of quality expected in that class versus this sweetland writing class is tremendous. I feel bad for lowering my standards for myself on that assignment, but I it happens from time to time. I have been blessed with the ability to write decently, and I truly feel as if that is my saving grace in many college classes.

Well, I’m gonna keep on procrastinating and watch a crappy British reality show 🙂

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  1. “Pull a Melody,” that’s great–she’d be glad to hear her name evoked as a means of finding inspiration/clearing writer’s block! 🙂

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