Every semester, all my classes are somewhat interconnected. For example, the year I was taking physics and biology, I was also taking biophysics. This year, I am taking a writing class where I am constantly paying attention to detail and realizing that there a million and one ways to evoke a certain idea or topic. The same goes for film-making. A class I’m taking now is Chinese film and with every film I watch in that course, I am consistently stunned right after finishing the film and left thinking for the rest of the night. Like in Writing class, with each discussion, I leave class with one or two questions or thoughts that I think about for awhile.

Today’s film, we watched a coming-of-age film about young people in China who are suddenly part of a generation that no longer treats their parents and elders with the same reverence the last generation did. It made me wonder: am I treating my parents (and elders in general) with proper dignity and respect?

I don’t like to think about the fact that I actually might not be respectful enough or asking people older than me questions and advice. I believe you can always pay someone more respect that you think, like a bottomless pit.

Another question, I would like to ask is: am I treating myself with enough respect? Am I letting body get the best nutrients, enough sleep, or the most fun? Do I look down on myself in regard to various tasks? Do I look down on others who differ from me?

Nevertheless, all I know is that it takes energy and effort to give respect to people and you can’t give full, total respect to everyone.

Tying to another film I watched this weekend, Captain America also asks the question of respect. Throughout the film, Captain America saves a bunch of people by killing the bad guy… blah blah blah, but how does everyone just suddenly love him and aggressively give him respect so quickly? Is this realistic? Even the female lead of the movie suddenly falls in love him quickly because of the immense amount of respect he earned.

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  1. Regina, this is a fascinating post, and your willingness to look for connections among the various aspects of your school and personal lives will serve you well! I also think it would be valuable to tie this line of questioning into writing, whether into your own processes (i.e. as you asked whether you respected yourself enough in other areas of your life) or whether you’re thinking about respecting the writing itself, or what it might mean to respect your peers as you provide feedback, etc. How might you extend this thinking into the arena of writing?

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