Writing Reflections

I didn’t do nearly as much school-related writing this semester as I did last semester. Maybe it’s because I’m taking project-based marketing courses instead of the traditional communications classes that are heavy in writing. Now don’t get me wrong, I have done my fair share of writing for these marketing projects, just no 8-10 page essays. I think I prefer this type of marketing case study writing. I was assigned to compile and edit everything after people researched their individual parts. I think it’s really cool to put together the piece and see how the final product looks.

Aside from this type of writing, I wrote a dance performance reflection, a few mini writing assignments, and a long paper about the double standard for my women’s health class. This last essay took me a while to write, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m just a little worried about the structure of it. I felt like all of my ideas overlapped a lot. I guess we will see when I get my grade back!

I’ve been applying to a lot of internships and as a result writing a lot of cover letters. I love this type of writing because it lets me talk about my strengths. I also wrote numerous articles for Her Campus. I always enjoy writing these articles because I get to write about the college lifestyle. I don’t anticipate much writing for the rest of the semester aside from finishing powerpoints for my projects.

Happy writing everyone!


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