Essay Ambition

I know that all of my posts are about how I cant seem to finish my essays, but still…

I finished some of them yayyyyy. I did all 3 of them for My RC humanities class, I’m going to write my essay for econ tomorrow, and this weekend, I will finish my revisions for the documents in the portfolio, because I after some consideration, I think that the “portfolio” grading system is probably the most helpful option for me.

With all the essays that I have done this week, I feel as though this meme expresses my thoughts exactly:













As well as this one:












My goal is to to finish all my stupid essays this week so that I am able to actually study the 40+ hours that I need for a stats final, an econ test, and science exam. So far, I’m doing pretty well. Good luck on all of your outstanding essays group.



2 thoughts to “Essay Ambition”

  1. I’d first like to say thanks Jen, for providing some comic relief as I wallow in misery over the fact that I am sitting in library on a Saturday night…after eight hours of watching the glorious sun come and go from my awful “stack” in the Grad library.

    Something that cracks me up about this time of the year is when everyone is lamenting over their workload for the rest of the semester. It almost seems like it has turned into a competition to see whose few weeks will be worse and so on. Personally, I love doing this. However, recently my friends seemed to have lost interest completely in my complaints. I simply do not understand this; why in the world would they not want to listen to me rant about how many papers and reading I need to complete in absolutely zero time. I suppose I should probably realize that everyone has a lot of work and my complaining is only taking away from their work time. But, know that you can complain to me anytime, as I empathize with that hopeless feeling of looking at the calendar and praying that a certain date would just be here.

    Congratulations on the completion of your essays and good luck with the looming weeks of death.

  2. This made me feel so much better. So much of the time I don’t know whether my essay is good or whether I’m just full of myself. That’s a lovely thought to take into finishing my e-portfolios but I think we have to believe in ourselves. Or no one else will. Congrats on being so productive. I have been terribly unproductive, mostly because my writing has taken far longer than I intended. I had an essay that would just never end.

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