Not sure if this is the last blog post we’re required to write…

…but I’m assuming it is, because there have been no changes to our syllabus. And in that case, I’d like to say “PHEW!”

The blog posts this year were thought-provoking to say the least. Some I wrote begrudgingly, while others I ranted for what seemed like forever about topics in writing. And as we approach the end of the year, I’m realizing that blogging regularly wasn’t nearly as terrible and challenging as I first thought it would be.

What started out as this:

Eventually became this:


Now I’m trying to update the blog in my e-portfolio regularly, but exams and assignments have only made me remember to post twice. It was not for lack of trying though. I think after creating e-portfolios and blogging every other week, I’ve become less hesitant to put thoughts to paper (or the keystroke, in this case).

So, thanks Sweetland Writing Blog, dor making mer do something that I wasn’t the most¬†comfortable¬†or familiar with in the beginning. I think blogging and making my e-portfolio has helped me become a more versatile writer in more than one sense.

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