I’m not sure if this is going to turn out to be a PSA or me just complaining.  Hopefully neither.  Nonetheless, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of perspective lately (especially as the semester comes to an end and my “to-do” list grows). 

Now, I’m the first one to loose perspective.  Some—well, most—times I find myself upset when I do not reach the “bar” I’ve set up for myself.  Whether that’s doing sub-par on an exam or missing a day of running in my training schedule.  But, after some thought and a few years at this University, I’ve boiled it all down to one thing: the notion of success.

It seems, at times, that modern culture has pre-planned my life to a few “simple” steps: attend college in order to graduate with a major.  And once that’s done,  find a job. As if it’s all planned out and I’m jumping through hoops to reach an ever-elusive idea of succes.  Like this:

If I make it through these hoops, though, will I be happy?  No.  Well, maybe.  But my point is that (although it is easer said than done) success is happiness—something than can and should be attained during the “journey.”   Right?  I’m afraid that I will wake up in twenty years feeling similar to way I do now.  Lost in my responsibilities, but reassured that I will eventually make it to the other side.  That I’ll make it through the maze that is my life and will reach utopia (whatever that is).

What I’m getting at here is success should be constantly kept in check by perspective.  Chances are that I will not tell my kids about the essay I did poorly on during my undergraduate days.  And chances are that most of the things I stress about aren’t important in the long run.  It’s important for me to note here, though, that I am in no way advocating for an all out “Into the Wild” escape from society.  Nor binge drinking.  But think about perspective during finals—it’ll help.


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  1. Amen…and fwiw, nearly 20 years later, I *am* still having to remind myself that it’s overwhelming at times but I still hope I’ll come out on the right side eventually…Maybe you’ve just landed on the secret to happiness?

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