Reflection on Writing

Well, I just got back from Shelly’s office hours, and turned in what is one of the last essays that I have to do this year. This course definitely challenged me to do things that were outside of my comfort zone, and for the final project, I made a movie; this was actually the first movie that I’ve had to make in my college career.

The proccess of making that went swifter than I imagined. For someone who is SOOO technologically inept for myself, I’m certainly glad that I have a roommate who is a Screen Arts and Cultures major because she has all the sweet computer programs, and she provided alot of aid in the creation of this project.

One of the difficulties that I had was recording the Audio and mixing it with the mp3 of the music. Admittidely, Sarah and I couldn’t get it working, so we did the JANKIEST thing ever and I put my computer next to hers, played the song, and recorded over it and onto 1 mp3 file. The audio quality was surprisingly good for a last-resort measure. Praise God.

I also utilized free online photo editing software,  because PC does not have a satisfactory program. However, I did use Windows live movie maker, which is surprisingly simple to use, and from there I created the rest of the video.

I think that it turned out pretty nice, check it out 🙂

Final project SWC



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