The Cost of Writing

What is the cost of writing? This is a thought I recently pondered after adding up all of the time I spend writing. Writing is definitely rewarding in the sense that I get to admire the writing of others and take pride in my own writing. However, sometimes writing is exhausting. I’ve been published online and in print but have gotten little to no pay for my hard work.

I did some contract writing for a little bit but then realized it wasn’t worth it. I was writing about things I had no interest in and was only getting paid $7.50 per 500-word article. When I added up the time it took me to complete each article, I was averaging a rate of $2.50/hr. I’d be better off getting a part-time job. I don’t think it’s fair that magazines hire interns for free and give them the same workload as contributors or employees who are getting paid for what they do. Writing is fun, but my time is valuable and I’d love to earn some cash for my work. How can we justify writing so much without pay?

If anyone has advice on how to turn my writing hobby into a paid career, I’d love your advice!

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