Shitty First Draft, Here Goes Nothin’

Why do I write? I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that question before.  Maybe it’s because most people don’t really think about why exactly they write too often.  I have thought about how I write.  I have thought about what kind of writing I like and dislike.  But I have never taken to time to consider why.  It as not as easy of a question as it may sound…

For me, writing is a tool.  I have never been the loudest or most outgoing person in the room, and I have always found that I can express myself much more effectively through writing.  For some reason, words seem to flow much more freely onto a piece of paper than they do out of my mouth.

But I write for many reasons.  Where do I even start?! I write for classes in school.  I write lists of every single thing that I need to accomplish each day.  I write text messages to communicate with my friends.  I write on social media sites.  I write to share my ideas.  I write for fun.  The list is endless…

You would think an assignment like this one in which there is no structure, no real guidelines, and not even a GRADE would be simple.  But unfortunately I have found myself staring at this blank white page in front of me (I think it may be mocking me at this point), hoping for a friend to walk by as a distraction, and trying desperately to drop all of these whining mouses into the jar so that I can finally start writing my shitty first draft.

Good luck everyone!

2 thoughts to “Shitty First Draft, Here Goes Nothin’”

  1. Jordan,
    Wow, I love what I just read. I agree with everything you just said so much. I too have never have thought of why I write and that’s why this paper is such a struggle for me as well. Its funny that you mentioned that the white page on the screen seems to be mocking you at this point because I feel like that all the time with almost every paper I begin to write and have no idea where to begin. I too thought this paper would be easier, or simple, due to the guidelines but feel like this may be the trickiest prompt I have had to respond to yet.
    Your post has inspired me too though, because when you discuss how writing is tool for you because you have never been the loudest person in the room, I literally felt like I was reading a page from my non-existant diary. Writing has always been a tool for me as well in all the ways you stated (texts, communication, lists, fun, etc.) but the being able to write and get my thoughts on paper instead of out loud is spot-on to how I feel all the time. Great job on this post and good luck with your paper!

  2. I think you speak for us all, Jordan, when you say you have never thought specifically about why you write. This is, it appears, the reason why we’re all having so much difficulty with this prompt.

    I like your consideration of all the practical aspects of why you write, such as for classes, in making to-do lists, and in corresponding with friends. Many people, myself included, would be tempted to overlook these simple reasons or dismiss them as too obvious. In reality, however, these are arguably the most important precisely because we do them so often and so subconsciously. They shape our writing worldview perhaps more than even the “deep and profound” reasons we may have. Good luck with the rest of your essay.

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