The wonderful weirdness of the Diag

Today as I was walking through the Diag, annoyed that I had to go to another class, a random guy walks up out of no where and shouts “happy hump day!” while sticking out his hand for a high five.  It is times like this where I can’t help but think to myself “I love this school”.

I mean seriously, come on.  Where else are you offered a “free hug” every Friday, or handed a pair of “go blue” sunglasses just for the heck of it?  Where else is it acceptable for gymnasts to set up a pommel horse and a balance beam in the middle of campus to show off their flips and tricks, or to do barefoot tai kwon do on the grass in the middle of the day? Is there any place else that you walk through where it is considered “weird” when you don’t get handed some form of free food or clothing?  I have seen dunk tanks, throw a pie at your best friend games, tight rope walking, a club solely devoted to squirrel watching(abnormally large and terrifyingly friendly squirrels I might add…), a group of girls dressed up as Raggedy Ann dolls while playing duck duck goose, a Diag freeze flash mob, and a flash mob of dancing students in caps and gowns for crying out loud!  The Diag is the weirdest, most wonderful place I have ever been.

I bet the “Quad” at Penn doesn’t have free hugs on fridays…..

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