Typical day, not-so-typical paper

First of all, apologies to my group members for not getting this up sooner. Yesterday and today have been very crazy days. Yesterday I spent much of the day doing some statistical computer programming at the electronics lab where I work. In the evening, I attended a Traditional Latin Mass for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Today, I spent the morning helping conduct a Latin Mass altar server training session for some young men at my church. Of course, afterwards was the Michigan vs. Massachusetts home football game, and I certainly couldn’t miss out on that–nor, for that matter, on the Notre Dame vs. MSU and Stanford vs. USC games immediately following.

Why do I mention all this? Well, certainly not to bore you to death with all the details of my weekend, nor to make excuses for a late blog post. Rather, it’s because this weekend’s activities happen to reflect some important aspects of my life, aspects which also profoundly guide why I write. Through the “Why I Write” essay, then, I hope to similarly–and hopefully creatively–manifest how my passion for the Catholic faith, statistics, and sports, in that order, inspires and influences my writing.

So far, that creative part is what’s been the hardest. Much of my writing for previous classes has been very formal and essay-like. That’s my writing comfort zone, and to break out of it for this essay will be as challenging as it is necessary.

One thought to “Typical day, not-so-typical paper”

  1. Joe,
    Your reflections in this blog post are so relatable to me. I never really thought about how these important life aspects guide my writing though, but it is so completely true and now I feel inspired by this. Sometimes I get stressed out and feel like I should be studying and doing my homework all the time instead of say, going to the football game yesterday, but like you said in your own words, these memories of daily activities ultimately shape who we are, how we write, and why we write what we write.
    I also feel the exact same way about how this paper is out of my writing comfort zone and being so creative with a prompt that is so limitless feels somewhat daunting and overwhelming.

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