Why DO I write?

I am majorly struggling with where to start! I’m not sure why I write…well, I’m sure there is a reason but it just hasn’t hit me yet. Honestly, I was kind of dreading this blog post because it meant that I had to face the difficulty of this task. A four word question shouldn’t be so hard!

However, as I sit talking with my housemates, I think I have found a little more direction. I like that we can write it in any form we’d like. Although I’ll be sticking to an essay format, I want to incorporate a large, descriptive title, modeled after the one used in the “What Should I Do With My Life?” article I brought to class the other day. So I think I have a general format down.

After that…I’ll just have to sit down, start writing, and see. I think the writing process itself will help me answer the question “Why do I write?” even more clearly.

Here’s to my first shitty first draft…!

3 thoughts to “Why DO I write?”

  1. Well, going off of our house discussion (considering I was there :)) I think your book “a line a day” is an excellent start. You could talk about how writing is a form of meditation, a relaxing start to your day. OR! You could discuss how the book is a collection of memories and how writing allows you to retain them. IDK just some ideas … love the format idea tho! I secretly want to steal it, but I won’t do that to you.
    xoxo from right across the dinner table right now 🙂

  2. As of struggling where to start, I have the same feeling. I thought everything would be easier since there are no grades until the end of the course, but it’s still rough getting going. Even though you have chosen to adhere to an essay format I’d encourage you to get innovative because I’m sure creativity will be rewarded in the final portfolio.

  3. I like that you’re choosing a model as inspiration–that’s a great way to get started! (Also, attempting to write like someone you admire can help you find your own voice.)

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