“If there was no evil in the world, millions of things would have never happened. I hate it when you think the day is going perfect and when you get home you look at the newspaper and somebody killed somebody. It seems that everyday something goes wrong. It’s probably impossible to have a perfect day. Hopefully someday we will.” – Me as a fourth grader.

My mom was going through some old papers she saved and recently read this to me. The line “it’s probably impossible to have a perfect day” is heavy for a little kid. I wasn’t referring to life in my own little kid sphere but the outside world.  It’s a shame even as a fourth grader I knew how flawed the world is, but refreshing I had hope that someday it may improve.


2 thoughts to “10/9/01”

  1. This is precious.
    I agree, these are very insightful thoughts, especially for a 4th grader. However I did notice that this was post 9/11. It is interesting to see how the chaos of our country even effects its 4th graders. I really appreciate your hope in this comment as well. It proves the innocence of children and the inherent good that I believe everyone was born with.

    I am not sure if you’re dead set on a piece already but I think this could work very well for your re-purposing project.

  2. SO good, Matt. I love this – it’s so raw and downright candid. I’m with Angelle in that this could be a deep and intriguing re-purposing piece that you could take in any direction (or in any mode, which is what I think you want to do with your ePortfolio on the whole). Is it “heavy for a little kid” or truth from the best perspective?

    In any case, the most evocative blogger award goes to you, my friend.

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