Debate Debacle

In reviewing the first Presidential debate for the 2012, I could not help feeling disappointed in my president. Here was an opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin of the Romney campaign and he blew it. Romney and his campaign had been floundering, suffering from various PR issues and Obama had his opportunity, but instead took a swing and missed. The effect is incredibly interesting. For me, it did not shake my faith in Obama, I am still confident that he A) has all of the qualities necessary to be president and B) will succeed in winning a second term. That being said, I read an article from Slate that portrayed the possible ramifications from the lackluster debate showing. While canvassing a neighborhood in New Mexico, many Democrats were still planning on voting blue, but were less enthused after the debate. They wondered what had happened, how their shining warrior had slipped up and gaffed. The main issue comes when asking independents. Those are who both campaigns are really after: the center of the spectrum. Who are they going to vote for? The debates are typically one of the few opportunities for candidates to make a lasting impression on undecided voters. If Obama does not improve his debate performance in the next two debates, will the unthinkable happen? This blogger hesitates to even think about that as a possibility.

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