Eureka Moment!

Ha! Ah ha!  Eureka moment!  Looking over this week’s prompt for the sixth time after rereading Sullivan’s “Why I Blog,” I think I finally got what I want to do with this ePortfolio.

Sullivan describes all these wonderful qualities of blogging that didn’t quite hit me until I spent the last week reminding myself why academic papers give the feel of sucking your soul out through your eyeballs: in academia, you’re not done till you’ve beaten your thesis to death; you spend hours making sure your in text citations all match some standard that changes just frequently enough to piss you off; and (if you’re like me) your stances and opinions have shifted every day you come back to a draft, making a final version the never approaching ideal.  Rereading Sullivan, I feel like he planted seeds of acceptance for blogging in my first reading that grew while I wasn’t paying attention.  It’s like he’s listing off reasons why I personally should love it.  He says, “That blogging rewards brevity and immediacy,” for one.  For another, he explains how blogging basically says, “Begone, ye wretched beast bibliography!”  With blogging, those damned to hell works cited pages are banished to the bowls of academia with a few carefully placed hyperlinks.  (Don’t ask me about citing from books not online, I’m still working on that part…)  And blogging gives you the deadline of RIGHT NOW, so there’s not even time to drive yourself insane reading and rereading the same draft for days on end.  It’s a free license to say, “This is exactly what I think, RIGHT NOW and I’m going to publish it RIGHT NOW.  If I change my mind tomorrow, I’ll say so tomorrow.”  It’s like breath has been pushed back into writing for me.  It’s less exhausting because there’s a more frantic, excited edge to get your words out now while they’re a perfect picture of what you think NOW.

So what I think I want to do with this ePortfolio, or any blog aspect of it anyways, is to showcase for potential employers the way that I can communicate—quickly, concisely, directly, and effectively.  Having given it more thought I think that’s really how I want to portray myself as a writer, because the quality of my communication skills is exactly what I would say if ever asked, “Why should I hire you?”

3 thoughts to “Eureka Moment!”

  1. Nice–way to think of audience. Now, what about the re-purposing “aha” moment you allude to in the first sentence? Looking forward to hearing about that!

    Also: You could cite books unavailable online by linking to their Amazon or author’s page! 🙂

  2. I love your connection between Sullivan’s view of blogging and your E-portfolio. It’s funny because, as long as that piece was, we both took similar things away from it! I wrote my blog about that as well – how blogging is due RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW rather than an academic essay that takes weeks to workshop and edit before it’s finally perfect. The casualty of blogging is really the best part about it – the comments included. I feel like i’m talking as i’m writing this comment to you! And that conversational aspect really makes me feel a part of your thoughts in your blog post.

  3. Congrats on figuring out what you want to do for your e-portfolio, I think that’s it’s a great way to showcase your specific writing talents when you can’t actually sit down face-to-face and write something or walk them through a piece of writing. I have a neat suggestion that I have used before, if you are applying for internships or jobs online, add a link in your resume (which should be sent as a PDF so you don’t run into messed up margins/formatting if the employer has a different version of word, plus it looks cleaner), that way the employer (who is most likely looking at these online) can just click and see your awesome portfolio.

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