How do you want to present yourself as a writer…Do you really think I know?

How do you want to present yourself as a writer?  This question doesn’t just give me pause; it makes me feel deer-in-the-headlights type frozen.  Why not just ask me the meaning of life or “Who are you, really?” while you’re at it?  I don’t know how I want to present myself as a writer any more than I know who I am as a writer.  Maybe that’s my problem.

As my thoughts spiral into “Oh hell, I don’t know!” mode, a couple tangential ideas pop into my head: I like to be read as honest, and I like to come across clearly.  Whether I’m writing an email or an essay, my goal is always to keep my writing devoid of unnecessary fluff, write incisively, and come off as direct.  Whether or not I always reach that goal is another story…

So my question is, “How do I make a portfolio that presents me as clear and concise?”  Maybe more importantly, how can I be sure that’s even the best way to showcase my writing?  Is it weird to have a section for emails as if to say, “Hey, look employers, I’m good at these!  I get stuff done!!”?  Because I’ll be honest with you, I’m damn proud of the fact that people I work with via email believe me full time University administration staff until I mention otherwise.  So that’s where I’m at with this portfolio—scrolling through option after option after option of theme choices, trying to pick one that screams ME…only I’m not quite sure what that would look like even if I saw it.



5 thoughts to “How do you want to present yourself as a writer…Do you really think I know?”

  1. I am in complete agreement. I have no idea how I want to present myself because I barely know who I am as a writer (I definitely struggled with the “Why I Write” essay because of this..).
    However, I think that you seriously could include a section on your ePort of emails that you’ve written. Yea, it’s a little unconventional, but that’s totally fine in this class, and, why not include them?! If you don’t like the feel of the page at the end of this class, you could go a completely different direction for your ePort in the Capstone class.
    I think that the more you work with your ePort and play around with it, the more you’ll get a feel for what you like (although I’m probably saying things you already know 🙂 )

  2. I’m on the same page as Andrea. Your take on how you want to be viewed as a writer brought me back to my brainstorming for the “Why I Write” essay. The ideas are definitely similar in many ways. Just as you write to get ideas across directly, you want to be viewed as a writer who gets ideas across directly. In terms of your E-portfolio, you should structure it however you want to best showcase you as a writer. So, if a true showing of you as a writer is a folder of work-related e-mails, why not add them in!? That is an interesting and different addition that would make your E-portfolio stand out and also build you up as a writer in the way that you would like to be viewed as a writer!

  3. Hey there. I think that’s pretty cool how people think you are full-time staff, that shows you can certainly write professionally. And you open up a pretty big Pandora’s box with this question/post. I personally think that a writer’s personality or essence can and is constantly changing, according to what touches them emotionally, what they see, who they talk to and interact with, if they’ve just finished a serious book they might be looking to do a lighter piece of work, etc. I think you should approach this prompt as more of a snapshot where you attempt to answer it as honestly as possible for this moment in time, and this moment only. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have a cool snapshot of where your mind/motivations were at when you were 20(ish).

  4. I feel like so many of us are in the same boat. How do we want the viewers of our portfolios to perceive us? One thing that I’ve thought about is that this porfolio is kinda just a rough draft. I mean we’re gonna polish it up and all that in the capstone class right? Then I realized I’ll be applying to law schools and showing off my portfolio before then….. and the whole rough draft idea was shot to hell. I am total agreement with you when you say you’re experiencing the spiraling thoughts. I kinda wanna just upgrade so my blog so I can make it whatever the hell I want rather than working with a preset theme. IDK what you think about that but maybe its something to consider if you don’t see anything that screams KAT!!!

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