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And it all comes back to Andrew Sullivan’s “Why I Blog”. Good thing I liked that piece, huh?

For my repurposing project I have decided to take a piece of writing that I wrote last semester in academic argumentation and turn it into a magazine article. The original piece was about the importance of immunizations, since more and more parents have begun opting their children out of them. The fact is that if our youth isn’t vaccinated against potentially fatal viruses, we could have a serious outbreak on our hands. What I want to do is repurpose this persuasive essay and format it as an article in a parenting magazine. I think this would be cool because it would allow me to really personalize my previous writing for an intended audience (and also add pictures and graphics and charts YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY). In my head I was like oh cool I’ll just make the magazine article in microsoft publisher! Turns out, the microsoft office package that I got for my mac didn’t include publisher??? (WTF!) So I downloaded some program from the App Store called iSwift 2 and it has actually been pretty decent so far (which I am very happy about considering it was just $5!). I picked up the magazine “Parents” and have been using that as my guide to what the article should like! So I messed around for a while tonight (ohhhh where does the time go? This is where.) and this is a screen shot of how its going so far. I’m definitely happy with it.


And now back to the prompt. 🙂

SO when I re-read Sullivan’s piece, the part that struck me this time around was the part where he mentioned that the due date for blogging is always NOW and that the opinions (even if not necessarily based on any fact or truth) be immediately published. That specific feature of blogging is what differs most from the writing I am about to do. My health magazine article needs to be EXTREMELY accurate with little to no personal opinions, but rather hard hitting facts. As opinionated as I am, I do believe I am good at delivering cold impactful facts.

This all relates back to why I write. I write to prove a point, to make my view heard, to persuade my readers, etc. Writing for a health magazine and convincing parents why they MUST get their children up to date on all of their shots is right up that alley. Funny that I wrote my “Why I Write” piece in a dramatically short time frame, yet so far, it has rang so true.


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  1. Great, Sarah! Maybe consider doing a technology presentation on iSwift? (“You get points for that!”)

    I would continue to push back on this idea of banning personal opinions in good writing–even good journalistic writing. Such an ideal may well be outmoded, if not unrealistic. Perhaps the better question is how to ethically acknowledge/advocate for your opinions WITH all that great precision, research, etc. After all, if everything is an argument, why vacate your post as author?

  2. First of all, I’ve been trying to figure out how to format my Michigan Daily Article and my computer ALSO does not have publisher…we may or may not be twins…so thanks for the advice – now i’ll download iSwift!!

    Secondly, we took very similar pieces out of Sullivan’s piece. Both of our blogs related to the fact that blogging is right NOW – the exact facts in the moment – much more simple than an academic essay. I love how you connected your take-away from Sullivan to your re-purposing piece and also to the reasons why you write. You’re completely right that the parents need to know the information right NOW, and it’s great that you are thinking so much about your audience!!

    Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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