Re-Purposing Re-Writing

To give you an idea how much difficulty I’m having revising this assignment, the Word document I currently have open is titled “Re-purposing Essay4.” For someone who tends to edit rough drafts only minimally once written, these multiple, substantial re-writes are unheard of for me. And, to make matters worse, I’m not even sure that quality is increasing with numeric distinguisher!

I think my problem is that I’m trying to do too much. In an 800-word Michigan Daily editorial I’m attempting to:

  • Hook even casual readers not inherently interested in my topic
  • Connect personally with my identified audience, namely lapsed Catholics who do not attend Mass
  • State the extent of this attendance crisis
  • Explain what the Catholic Church believes the Mass is
  • Describe the old Latin Mass and how it manifests this belief
  • Describe the new English Mass and how it doesn’t manifest this belief as clearly
  • Don’t blame the reader for not attending, but rather this liturgical crisis
  • Encourage the reader to return to attending Mass, whether English or Latin

Maybe if I were a professional writer I could do this but defintely not at this stage of my writing career and with so few words. Even just writing out the list made me laugh at how impossibly long it is. For my re-mediation project, I think I will have to pick just one or two specific bullet points to focus on.

As for now, I’ll see what I can salvage for the re-purposing essay. Hopefully the final version I submit tonight won’t be titled “Re-purposing Essay964″…

2 thoughts to “Re-Purposing Re-Writing”

  1. Joe–good luck with this! From our discussion in class, it sounds like you are really passionate about your topic, which will definitely help when you have to spend so much time with it. I look forward to seeing how you decide to approach the re-mediation…I’m sure it will be really interesting!

  2. I agree with Amy- I love how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your topic. The best advice would be to just try and remove yourself from…yourself. Imagine you are a reader who doesn’t know anything about the old or new catholic mass and put everything in as simple terms as possible – perhaps make some analogies to get people to understand difficult concepts.

    I ran into a similar problem trying to condense my essay. What helped me was going though my paper and pulling only what was absolutely crucial to convey my message and what the general population could relate to. There may be some things you, as a knowledgeable person on the subject, may think is important but try and challenge yourself to look at the information in a new light!

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