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My first impression of blogging was one of hipsters writing melodramatic commentary on the internet.  Although uninformed this was my opinion nonetheless. We were required to blog for a writing 200 class and I did not particularly enjoy the obligation. However, the blogging dynamic of this class is much different and I do not find it a chore. Maybe it’s because we have groups or because our topics are more enjoyable, whatever the case may be, I have a newfound appreciate for blogging.  I was not very enthusiastic about Sullivan’s piece as I thought it was long winded.  Having blogged regularly for class I can concur with some of his points, especially his remarks on directly connecting with the audience. This is what I will try to accomplish with the repurpose assignment as I try to show people how the song “Layla” has influenced me. I can also appreciate his comments on accountability – always an admirable trait.

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  1. Blogging groups have definitely made this process more enjoyable for me (mostly because our group is awesome) and also because you write knowing that someone will give you automatic feedback. Whether the feedback is helpful/entertaining/annoying/uninspiring, it is feedback none the less and it’s always interesting to see what the other people will say. I know that the whole feedback process is something that Sullivan talked about.
    Also, I can’t wait to see your re-purposing project since it has evolved greatly since last time we talked about it in class!

  2. I am glad to see our little group is all on the same page with this whole blogging thing. It is interesting to see how all of our opinions on a topic have developed so similarly. As Sullivan quotes regarding blogging, “it is generating a new and quintessentially postmodern idiom that’s enabling writers to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before.” I can see that each of us have begun this expression and I look forward to see where it takes us next.
    Let’s keep up the specific feedback, because it aides in our improvement. Hopefully we can develop some “kick-butt” projects.

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