Us and Them

I do not know about you guys, but I was appalled by this report. The knowledge that my country is carrying out attacks like these makes me incredible uncomfortable. I can understand drone strikes when there is 100% guarantee of success and when I say success, I mean we hit our target, whoever or whatever that may be. Innocent civilians should not be the cost of doing business or casualties of war. That it was separates us and them. They want to kill us all, but we don’t want to kill all of them.

I am particularly disturbed by the strategy of sending in a second strike right after the first. At that point, the damage is done and all that is happening is people trying to help those that were hurt. Are we really going to damn the rescuers? Is that really the society we want to be? Although I do not have the facts to back it up, I know the Geneva Conventions have rules regarding injured combatants. Morality should matter too.

If there is an upside to all of this, it would be that I am even more motivated to enter into public service and try and change the system from the inside.

I think this video, from my favorite television show, The West Wing, highlights my thoughts. Except we are acting like the very people we seek to eliminate. We cannot and must not sink to the level of our enemies. If we do, what will victory be worth to us?

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