Why I Write 2.0

The last time I posted to this blog, I was celebrating the end of the e-portfolio. What have I been up to since then? Well…

I returned to my lovely home in New Jersey…

I took the dreaded LSAT….

… and I got an internship at Vanity Fair – after showing them pieces from my e-portfolio and posts from this blog! – where a big part of my job entailed blogging! Certainly, the process of writing for a blog as important as Vanity Fair‘s was a tiny bit different than the kind I went through to post to the MIW blog (i.e., posts often took days to plan and research for, and I consulted with an editor on a daily basis), but I’m so happy to have had the experience with this blog under my belt. I wasn’t intimidated by an online presence, and I was already knowledgeable about blogging conventions and styles before I even started the internship.

Months later, I am enrolled in Writing 300, the Seminar in Peer Tutoring. This class is the precursor to Writing 301, Directed Peer Tutoring. (Have you ever gone to see a peer tutor on the ground floor of Angell Hall late at night when a paper was due ten hours later? Next semester, that will be me! … The tutor, not the student. Hopefully.) We just got assigned our first major essay, and you’ll never guess the first question in the prompt: “Why do you write?”

To all the Minors from last winter and fall… remember that one? It was so strange to revisit what I wrote to answer that same exact essay question last semester. I think returning to anything we’ve written in the past is strange, because as writers, we are always changing our attitudes toward and approaches to writing. I’m really interested to see where I’ll take this essay, and how it will compare to the one I had written last semester!

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