Figuring out who I am as a writer

I went to “State of the Book” at Rackham hall earlier this month. David Eggers from 826 the writing and tutoring center for young adults and adults was there presenting. I happened to sit in on him present a group of high school students that had published a book. They came together on their own every week, selected works of their peers, compile these works, and then publish them. I was astounded by the privileges for the Ann Arbor youth. Never was I given an opportunity like these kids, I once read at an open mic at a Panera in high school but that was the closest that I’ve ever come to extracurricular writing/reading. The experience made me very envious of the kids, but at the same time, knowing that I was in the minor for writing made me feel much more… cultured, no, integrated might describe what I’m feeling. The minor in writing opens a lot of doors to events like the “State of the Book” and “How I Write.” Which, speaking of How I Write, I have never been so excited for a presenting author. As a science/writing student, Thomas Hager holds a dream job of mine. I cannot wait to pick his brain!


Also, in honor of the late David Rackoff, I would like to include this cheerful clip that describes just how much writing sucks.

Why He Writes



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