From Blogging About Blogging to Writing about Writing

I find myself writing so much that I do not know what to write about when I do not have a specific purpose or prompt.  I am currently in 3 Upper Level writing courses and this Writing 220 class, so needless to say, I write a lot. I have an average of 3 papers/ blog posts/ some sort of writing assignment a week and only have a total 4 exams this whole semester, to give you a comparison. I actually blog for two of my classes, my Comm 478 class about new media and this class.  Although this blog for my comm. class has specific prompts we have to write to about that all relate to technological platforms, I find it ironic that I somehow the prompts I write about for that blog relate so much to what I am writing about as my topic in Writing 220.

For my blog posts in Comm. 478 the past 2 weeks, I focused on gender in videogames and gendered technological applications like Siri being a female voice. At first when I am assigned prompts where I am supposed to analyze a media technological platform, I have no idea even where to begin. So what I end up doing is making the topic more to my interest and ironically, somehow they always become about gender and feminism.  Yesterday when I was working on my Guitar Hero Analysis, reading simple analysis on computer interfaces bored me and I did not even know where to begin. Yet when I did my own analysis of the over-sexualized ways the characters are developed and dressed, my argument came to form. I then began to analyze commercials for Guitar Hero and how those are gendered as well based on the over-sexualized females in the marketing campaigns as well.

In comparison, for my remediation and repurposing project I am also focused on anti-feminist attitudes in the movie Legally Blonde.  Even though the prompts completely different in this class, somehow the overall themes of femininity became apparent in my paper.  I guess that this really showed me how much how writing can be shaped by your views and becomes a reflection of your interests.

3 thoughts to “From Blogging About Blogging to Writing about Writing”

  1. Abby,
    I love it when everything in all your classes fit together! I also agree that writing is shaped by your views and can be a reflection of your interests! It sounds like you’re really passionate about anti-feminist attitudes and its great that you’re sharing this in all your writing! I think it could definitely be something to talk about in your eportfolio when you’re discussing why you chose to do your mediation. 🙂 good luck with all that writing! I’m probably going to be in the same boat next semester so I’m glad you’re making it through 🙂

  2. Isn’t in interesting how the most boring assignment can come alive when you find a way to make it cater to your own passions? Even if it’s an interest you’re just discovering, making the writing in some way personal gives drive to the process, life to writing, and some meaning behind doing it.

    I know professors often urge us against making the writing personal–especially when it’s research based. But I think that’s bull, because what researcher ever devoted months or years to a study he/she wasn’t passionate about? So I think you’re dead on in bending assignments to what you care about. Otherwise…what’s the point?

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