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The very first thing I do when I get home is run for my room to see if it has changed. My room at home is my comfort zone. I have grown up in that rooms since we first moved to our house 14 years ago. I am so attached to my room because I have tailored it to be exactly what I want. I also am attached because many of my memories about childhood can be triggered just by walking into it. When I walk through my door frame I know I am home. Unfortunately, this will soon change because my parents are converting my room into their office. I was upset when they first told me but I know it is uncalled for. I can’t expect my parents to keep my room as a shrine to me forever. I haven’t lived at home for an extended period of time since summer between Freshmen and sophomore Year and it doesn’t look like I will be spending summers at home anymore so why shouldn’t they have their office? Still I just can’t help but be angry. I think I feel so off put by this because its just one more thing from my childhood gone. Is anybody else attached to their childhood room and gets angry when their parents change it while were gone?


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Hey! Glad to hear that you’re home for Thanksgiving! Yes, when I got home, I immediately ran up to my room. I was curious to see if it would be different. Everything was the same except that my parents had used it to store some packages and such. I’m sorry to hear that your room is being converted into an office. It’s not that you’re being replaced though!

  2. I would be upset if my parents tried to turn my room into an office too. Like you explained, it does make sense, but it’s hard enough to face the fact that we’re growing up. Changing your childhood room into an office just seems to solidify what I know I don’t want to face – I’m not a kid anymore.

    When I returned home to my childhood room this break, I found a tub of my old school stuff in the back of my closet, and it was so strange rifling through all of the old journal entries and art projects. When I was a kid, which seems like just yesterday, I used to look at college students and think how old they seemed. But I don’t feel that old now.

    My room has thankfully stayed about the same, but I faced similar feelings when my parents almost sold my childhood home this past summer. I was really upset. The deal ended up falling through, but before that I did come to terms with the fact that it is just a place. Even though the memories are tied to the place, I realized that I didn’t need the place to hold on to the memories.

  3. Unfortunately my room already feels like it’s not mine anymore. It’s the same color that I painted it in fourth grade, and a lot of my stuff is still in it, but every time I go home and open the door to my bedroom it feels cold and stale. I’m more attached to my house as a whole and my neighborhood than my room, but I totally understand what you’re feeling.

    My parents have been thinking about moving for about five years now. In high school I fought them at every step, and I won. Now the thought of not having that same home to come back to upsets me even more, but I try to keep my mouth shut, because I know it’s not my decision. I can’t trap my parents in that house just so I can come over for a few days and feel comforted. But I’m still hoping they decide to stay there!

  4. My mom has been begging me to update my room to make it more “sophisticated.” Right now, it has bright purple and green walls, and plush white carpet that I love. My mom wants to change my room to have wood floors and paint my walls to be dull and boring. I have told her multiple times that this is not an option. When I come home from college, I love spending time in the familiarity of my room. I do not see why I should change my room, and thankfully my mom agrees that it is my choice.

  5. That sucks about your room, I’m sorry! I got kicked out of my room into a room in the basement after graduation from high school. My brothers had had to share a room their whole lives and so they deserved to finally have their own. Then this past summer I was moved into an office that I converted into a room. My brother was moved into the downstairs bedroom because he was going to college and our sisters each finally got their own room, with one of them taking his (my old old) room. I have just tried to make each room a home and I spend most of my time in the living room anyway.

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