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Our class discussions have got me thinking about how different my college experience would be if I just focused on learning, and was less concerned with my grades and graduation requirements.  As “backpacking” has just recently begun, I feel the weight on my back (literally) to choose classes that fulfill requirements.  While browsing the course guide, many classes have caught my eye, but I have disregarded them because they don’t fulfill a specific purpose.

Recently, I have begun to think about the way that I determine purpose. For example, this semester I am in a mediation class that does not fulfill any LSA credit or requirement.  However, I have developed skills in this class that have proven to be more beneficial in my life than those of the “practical” classes.  What do we loose by missing out on classes like this? I am curious to know what classes you would really like to take but haven’t due to this very reason.

When looking back at my college experience, I do not want to be filled with regret of things I could have done/learned.  I am going to try to save one class per semester that pertains to my actual interests or passions, instead of getting so caught up in the requirements.

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  1. I have definitely felt a similar feeling before when it comes to scheduling. In fact, I often say I wish that there were two of me; one Me could take all the required classes and get the grades I need, the other Me would take everything I *want* to take and not worry about grades, but rather just what was being taught.

    As a couple examples, during my Freshmen year I took a class on dinosaurs that was totally and completely superfluous to my graduation requirements, but it sounded too interesting not to take. Last year, I took an archaeology class that I found absolutely fascinating and while it technically was an ULWR, I really, really wanted to take more classes like it (which, of course, I don’t have room for in my schedule).

    There have also been many courses I’ve wanted to take in photography, architecture, music history, seminar courses, and other random things that would really just be classes about things I find fascinating but would never major in. Like I said, there are probably enough “for fun” courses that I’ve seen to fill an entire four years of college. But until I can make two of me, I’ll be finishing up my school years on pretty much requirements and requirements alone.

  2. I agree with the statement whole heartedly. I would love to take more spanish classes because I really enjoy learning new languages but unfortunately mi espanol no es suficiente para un A y necessito solomente A cuando tomar classes not for my major o el horible MCAT. I mean it really does suck because I feel like I’m not having much fun in college but I understand why I need to take the classes I am taking (except for physics which isn’t real). Ojala que taking these classes, rather than fun classes, will payoff for all of us in the end though.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Not only do I feel the graduation requirements are a pain in the a**, but I have also started to look at this from a monetary perspective. We pay thousands of dollars to attend this University. The University, I feel like, should bend to the wishes of the students and not the other way around. I should be able to take whatever class I want, when I want it. If demand for an interesting class is high, why should I be penalized for having a later registration date or being 30 places down on the waitlist. If I’m paying as much money as we are, my education should not be hindered by stupid requirements or waitlist procedures.

  4. My dream class would include a different topic each week for 16 weeks presented by experts in the field. For example, one week we could learn about manufacturing and somebody in Ford could give a lecture. The next week we could learn about health care and hear from a doctor at the U of M hospital. I’d love to hear from successful people who can speak personally about their experiences.

  5. David’s idea sounds awesome. I like the idea of different experts each week. If I had more room in my schedule for elective classes, I would learn another language or two. I would take a few more CLCIV classes, I really liked the one I took this semester. There are a bunch more classes I would love to take but honestly I haven’t really limited myself all that much with my elective classes. I was undecided on my major at first so I just took whatever sounded cool. The random classes that didn’t fulfill any requirements have been some of my favorites.

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