[Pika!] Things Definitely Have Come a Long Way Since Pac Man

So, while this may not exactly 100% relate to writing, with the re-mediation assignment on the horizon and some of the ideas involving some sort of video format, I found this video a (pretty funny) example of just how far technology and media presentations have come in 20 years.  It is just under 2 minutes, and aside from whatever applications it may have to our class, I found it just plain funny.  Worth the watch if you’re bored and like laughing.


3 thoughts to “[Pika!] Things Definitely Have Come a Long Way Since Pac Man”

  1. Thank you for sharing this video it is actually very funny! I think it does actually serve a purpose for our class. You pointed out that this video shows how far technology and media presentations have come in the last 20 years. Do you think this would have been as apparent if it was in writing? I think that the actual visual images showed how outdated it actually is. If this was in writing it would have been harder to make this distinction. I also think this would loose a lot of the comedic elements if it was in writing because so much of the humor comes from how the people look. Any thoughts on this?

  2. In one sense this is hilarious becasue the graphics are so outdated, as are the styles of the people in the video so it is interesting to see how things used to be “back in the old days”. But on the other hand this video is sad because now a story like this would never make the news. When Apple comes out with all these products that they have minimally revamped and stamped a new price on, iPhone 5, iPad mini, MacBook Air, we all bitch and moan to our friends but there aren’t news stations running stories on this sort of stuff because it isn’t interesting because we’ve all grown accustomed to it. That is what makes me sad. We’re all so used to companies trying to screw us over by coming out with barely changed products, and marketing them hard around the holiday season so that we’re all convinced we need them, ask for them for the holidays, and thus buy into their little game. The only hope that this video gives to me is that someday the new anchor lady’s hair will come back in style because I swear that is what my hair looks like when I blow dry it upside down and don’t straighten it.

  3. This is so funny! I don’t think that these concerns are around anymore, that people are being pressured to spend too much money on video games. I know that there has been inflation between now and then but I think that game consoles and games are more expensive now. Also, back then all you needed was one console, the Super Nintendo. Nowadays video game players don’t have just one console. There’s the Wii, Xbox, and Playstation 3, and games are around $60 each. Today people just sort of accept it as what kids (and a large number of adults) want.

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