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Hey fellow minors

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve reached that point of the semester where my body is screaming at me, I’m always about to nod off, and I’m just ready to be done.  Sound familiar?  For your sake, I kind of hope not.

So at this week’s HIW session, I actually got stressed just listening to the speaker talk about the mass quantities of research he does to assemble enough information to write a single book.  And then I relaxed (a little…) thinking that, thank God, I didn’t elect being a writer as my first and only career choice.  I will say though that it gave me a sobering dose of respect for writers of his caliber who devote their lives to tracking down information that often actively resists being found.  And since I really want to go into copy editing, I think that’s a really valuable perspective to have on just how hard it can be to live the life of a real writer.

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  1. Kat,
    Sorry for the delayed response on this I think I got sidetracked by thanksgiving break. And seriously where does the time go these days? But I love this post, your commentary is so great and I continuously always relate to it. I have just reached that same point in the semester where I literally feel so stressed out that I feel like I am going to have panic attacks like 5 times a day. Hager was so cool in that he seemed so interested in his research but I know how you feel that it stressed me out and ultimately made me feel sort of bad about myself because I was like wow this is intense. It is awesome you know what you want to do with your writing though!

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