Revising: writing’s evolution

The revision process.

People talk about the revision process like it’s separate from the writing process—as if you write a complete draft and revise it from there.  For me, that is not even remotely the case.  Maybe I’m alone, but if I’ve learned anything this semester it’s that I’m probably not.  For me the revision process is the writing process.  I start with some word vomit on the page (aka a shitty first draft) and I keep reading it, tweaking it, rereading, and it’s actually in the course of this process that I actually figure out what it is I want to say and the most effective way for me to say it.  Generally, if I’m doing a good job, my end product is hardly the same breed of monster that my original word spew looked like.

2 thoughts to “Revising: writing’s evolution”

  1. Katherine, you definitely are not alone! I am the same way in my writing process. I think I used to be all about taking a lot of time on my first draft so then I could quickly edit later but I realized that that process was why writing was taking me so long. My fun but slightly crazy high school writing teacher was all about writing exercises where we would write as fast as we could about anything we wanted and then after go through the extensive editing process. I’ve never been the same way again. I’ve actually learned that I really enjoy the editing process when I do this. Maybe word vomit isn’t so bad sometimes…

  2. Katherine,
    I definitely agree with how the revision process is the writing process, but at the same time, I think it really depends on what exactly you’re writing. I know when I write an academic paper, I prefer to write an outline so I know what I’m trying to argue and so I don’t forget. Then I revise the outline for content and write out a draft, and then revise that and make sure it has everything I want and is written… Stylishly. 🙂

    The shitty first draft process works better when I’m trying to explain something through reflection papers or through my creative writing!

    I guess the writing process is different for everyone, and that’s what makes it so unique!

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