Farewell for Now

This semester crept by when I wasn’t looking, and now it’s time to bid my fellow writers goodbye for now.  I’m really glad I had such a smart group of people to start this minor out with, and I hope to see your faces again in the capstone course a few months from now.

This gateway course was challenging, revealing, time consuming, and even sometimes fun.  I have to say thank you to our wonderful, patient writing sensei Shelley who poured her heart and soul into making sure we had what we needed to get this portfolio done.  So here it is, my E-Portfolio, my baby, the little demon that’s sucked such a huge amount of my time this semester, and the compilation of years’ worth of hard work in all my concentration courses.  All boiled down to one little link:


Have a look, I hope you like it, and I bid all of you the best of luck.

Bye for now,


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