(PIKA!) Finals

Finals. We all have them, we all hate them. We have been learning all year long, working hard, reading most of the readings, writing all of the papers, and trying to pay attention in class…all for one or two tests to determine our final grade. The pressure is overwhelming and it seems that everyone’s moods have clouded over and gloom and misery has begun to consume our campus. Everybody is stressed. It makes me wonder, is it worth it? Obviously we all want good GPA’s and to succeed, but is it worth all the negative side effects? Should it be about the grades or should it be about what we learn?

I wish there was another way to accurately measure how much we have worked in a class and how much information we have actually consumed rather than having to rely on pure memorization and the spewing of this information on one test at the end of the semester. I think this would improve the learning environment overall. Instead of creating anxiousness and fear we could actually invest time into taking the classes we like and really learning, retaining information far after the class is over.

If society were to make this shift all together, I personally think that this type of educational system could take over. I wonder though, would it be as encouraged to enroll in higher education such as college or graduate school, or would learning just to learn be reserved for those with enough time and money to indulge in this luxury? Would more people go straight to the work place instead, or would college still be as popular? What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts to “(PIKA!) Finals”

  1. This is a really interesting concept that I have actually thought about before. I do not think final exams are an accurate way of testing a students knowledge. Personally, I am not a good test taker which makes finals even more stressful. I think that making the shift from testing to a purely learning based environment would be ideal, but is probably extremely unrealistic. There would always be those students who would take advantage of it and put minimal effort into classes. For some, simply gaining knowledge is not enough of a motivation. But to answer your question, I think that college would be just as popular if not more because students can view it as four years to soak in as much knowledge as possible without the fear of failing or competing with peers for better grades.

  2. Nice post! I think that in certain classes it is best to have a group project instead of a final exam. For example, in my marketing class, we redesigned an entire marketing strategy for Trader Joe’s. That was a really helpful way to test us on the material while actually actively doing “real world” work.

  3. I think that classes without grades would be more like community ed classes about pottery or cooking. They’d be just for fun and for people with time and money to spare. If there were no grades, most people wouldn’t work hard. And so by saying “I took such-and-such class” there would be a large chance that you were one of the people who didn’t do any work. So having taken that class would mean nothing. Also without a grading scale there would be no way to distinguish the student who worked really hard and learned a lot versus the student who barely showed up. So classes wouldn’t help you get a job, they would be just for fun. That’s just what comes to me at first when I think about it!

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