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I love watching television shows as I am falling asleep. I can not fall asleep unless I am listening to tv. I only watch tv before I go to bed at night and it is a way of calming me down from the stresses of the day. Its the time when I can just shut off my brain and absorb pretty colors and nonsense. Currently I am watching the seasons of Nip/Tuck. I was never interested in the series until I stumbled upon it on Netflix. This show is becoming a little “intense” so I am now looking for a new series. I have watched all of “The Office” (which I adore), “Workaholics”, “SVU”,”Friends” (but seriously who hasn’t?!), “Wilfred”, and “Jersey Shore”. Does anybody have any ideas of what I should watch next?

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  1. Hey, thanks for your post. Unfortunately, I’ve watched very little T.V. in college because there never seems like there’s time. However, if I could watch T.V., I’d watch (1) The Colbert Report, (2) Suits, and (3) South Park.

  2. Glad to know someone else out there likes to fall asleep with the TV on! 😛

    As for shows, if you’re into sitcoms and haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother, I highly recommend it! It’s currently on season 8, and every one through 7 is on Netflix. Parks and Rec is another great one (also on Netflix). The first season might not get you hooked, but if you keep watching it *really* picks up in season 2. Really funny, and a good one if you lock The Office-style mockumentary shows.

  3. I love Workaholics!!! I would recommend It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia if you like Workaholics. I also like cooking competition shows like Cupcake Wars and Sweet Genius- these are perfect for if you aren’t really paying attention. 30 Rock is funny of course but you’ve probably heard of that already. Adventure Time is a good cartoon.

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