[Pika!] What Have I Learned?

I’m sitting here done with all my other classes and reflecting back on my time in the Gateway Course.  If I had to pick one thing that I learned the most about, it would be myself.  Our class conversations covered as many topics as you can possibly imagine, and through each conversation I learned a little bit more about my classmates but a lot about myself. It made me think about things critically, to view things in a difference lens than what I had originally been doing.

I also learned more about myself as a writer. I had to do things in this class–rewriting, reanalyzing, remediating, etc–that I had not done in previous classes.  It was insightful and helpful in realizing that while I may enjoy writing (and may even be half-way decent at it), I still have so much to learn.  My classmates and teachers reminded me that while they possess skills that I don’t have, it is never too late to start learning new techniques and new forms of writing and/or expression.

Enough about myself.  I came up with a list of five things that I distinctly recall/found hilarious/think about when remembering this class.  Please add onto the list if you can think of things I am forgetting!

1. We’ve got the power…not them, us.

2. People are weird.  And its awesome. (There are too many different stories popping up in my head right now, I’m sure you can all think of some too).

3. Some people like politics. Most people don’t.

4. People have different ideas, different emotions, and different ways of expression.  You need to spend time with them and get to know them before making any rash judgements.

5. Comic Book stores can do more than just sell comic books!

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