[Pika!] Your Soundtrack to the End of the World

So, according to the Mayans and a lot of superstitious folk, the world is going to end soon.  If the world really is going to end, what do you want to be your song of choice for the end, and why?

I’ll start with something easy and cliche, partially for the sake of example, but also because if the world is going to end, what better way to go out than singing cheerfully about it?


One thought to “[Pika!] Your Soundtrack to the End of the World”

  1. I find this post so hilarious because my friends and I were actually JUST talking about how we would want our world to end and what we would want to be doing. We were discussing that if we were told we only had three hours until the world ended, and it would take us two hours and 45 minutes to get to our families, would we make the journey to be with them for the last 15 minutes of our lives, or would we try to make the best of where we were with the people around us for the whole three hours. We decided that we would all stay in Ann Arbor, buy some food and alcohol (not too much), then find a roof and listen to music and watch the world as we know it disappear. It’s a ridiculous thought, but it certainly does give you something to think about.

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