The End

I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic right now. It feels as if it was just yesterday we all sat together for the first time as a group at the Angel Hall computing lab. Today, our class is over – I just left the remediation workshop and our first course of the writing minor is officially over. I am thankful I had the opportunity to join this program. Looking back, a lot has changed: I am more confident in my ability to produce new media texts, I learned how to make a Prezi (not just a simple Prezi), I “read” extensively about writing, and I even discovered why we use the citation styles we do (depending upon the context of the work).

As I sift through my excel spreadsheet, attempting to calculate my points, I see how much we’ve accomplished this semester. From writing our first “prĂ©cis” to leading individual technology presentations, to hearing speakers such as Dr. Sheila Murphy, and continuously trying to perfect our ePortfolios – it has been a pleasure taking this class. I hope you’re all as thankful as I am!

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