Kelli Graham was born in China where she mastered the art of Kung Fu at the tender age of 5 and a half. After that she lived in the deep jungles of Africa where she learned to climb trees and communicate with monkeys. From there she finally made her way to the good ol USA where she struggled because she knew no English and her only friends were the monkeysat the nearest zoo. She picked up on English pretty fast and once she learned it she began to fall in love with speaking, reading and writing. She tried really hard to teach her Monkey friends but they just weren’t capable of learning such complex things. While in America she also studied the language of German. From there she set out into the real world and began writing books, articles and even doing talk shows about her life. She was named “Weirdest writer of the year” in the New York Times. People have referred to her as the Tarzan of writing. She believes she suffers from an identity crises. Today she attends the University of Michigan where she continues to study German. Lastly, she would like for everyone to know that her name is Kelli and ain’t no shame — in her game. 


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