Carry On.

And, we’re back. It’s been far too long Minor in Writing blog, far too long. I know you’ve missed my words.

As a member of the Fall 2012 cohort, I’m already missing my MiW gateway course – sitting around the table with my classmates twice a week and exchanging thoughts on life, Michigan, literary shortcomings, and momentary insecurities. I miss our refreshing conversation and constant support of one another. Wishing you all the best of days this semester. (You too, Shelley!)

In other news, I’m completely worn, in every interpretation and definition of the word. Sometimes there is language that captures emotion, experience, and expectation in a few syllables. Worn is just that word. Worn can be your favorite pair of tennis shoes, the knees of the jeans that walked you through the treacherous halls of high school, or the hands of a diligent employee. Worn tells a story of passion and relentlessness. Worn tears the edges of our will.

I’m worn, but somehow, some way, I don’t feel quite as spent at one specific moment: during conversation over waffles in the morning. There is something about that soul-fulfilling food and uplifting dialogue that tells me I am of value, that I am a “once in a career” person for my coaching staff.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stop and remember: It’s everyone’s duty to give the world a reason to dance. So get to it.

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