I WISH coffee drinkers lived longer…Untrustworthy Source

Although I would like to believe in the scientific merit of this study, as I, a heavy coffee-drinker would personally benefit, I am skeptical and disbelieving of its legitimacy.  The study makes few substantive claims and any claims that are proposed are backed by little scientific data.  Though we may expect Yahoo News to be a reliable source, I am fully unconvinced by this ‘study.’



One thought to “I WISH coffee drinkers lived longer…Untrustworthy Source”

  1. Yeah, I agree. It sounds rather skeptical to say that drinking more coffee (up to 2-3 cups/day) would decrease your risk of dying. The article is somewhat all over the place and there are so many opinions from various sources that haven’t even taken part in the study. Oh, how I wish this were true, perhaps because I do indeed binge drink on coffee and tea….on a daily basis.

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