Linda’s Author Bio

Linda Tell is a curious and eager clown fish hailing from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. After a tragic shark accident left her with only one strong fin, Linda spent most of her childhood fighting for a chance to be just like everyone else. Upon entering grade school, Linda was kidnapped by a scuba diver and held captive in a dentist’s fish tank. There, she joined a tribe of outcasts and took on the name Shark Bait (ooh haha). With help from her new friends, she eventually escaped the fish tank and reunited with her father (who she then learned had embarked on a journey of his own to find her). Today, Linda attends the University of Michigan.

One thought to “Linda’s Author Bio”

  1. What a story! What a riveting tale! This biography speaks to the deepest levels of human pathos. The quest to return home, and indeed, the quest for the father to find Linda, is quest to find the self. What makes the self? Do we define ourselves by family? Do we define ourselves by the people around us, as with the tribe in the fishtank? Perhaps others define us, as we can see by the moniker of “Shark Bait” (ooh haha). Are the quests in our life – even the futile ones – the things that make us who we are? Clearly, the story speaks to multiple levels of the human intellect.
    And remember, fish are friends, not food.

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