Why I don’t write

Why I Don’t Write – Because I don’t have time

 If you don’t have the time—it sort of makes it difficult to write. I don’t have time to just write for the pure enjoyment of it. I don’t have time to write for fun, when I have writing to do that is for work. I don’t have time to do something I want to do because I’m busy doing all this stuff other people want me to do. I don’t have time to do things I want to do, because I have all these things I have to do—is how I look at it.

It seems I only write when I have a purpose for whatever I am writing for. Usually this purpose revolves around writing it in order for someone to see it or hear it. Perhaps I write for the sole purpose of praise and recognition. But at the same time, if that’s the case, then it seems that I would at least write for the purpose of a blog in which people can see. But I don’t do that either, maybe I feel like why bother with a blog? No one I know reads peoples blogs anyway.

However, there is also this part of me—a very honest part—that knows given the opportunity of free time, I still wouldn’t use it to write. I’m sure I would come up with excuses of why I still just don’t have time to write. Or maybe I am just so used to only writing as a form of work that I don’t know how to just write without being told to.

I think what it solely comes down to is lack of reason and motivation to write. That can be the only logical explanation for my excuses and lack of writing. In reality these are the typical reasons people don’t do things. If you want to do things, you will find a way to do them, not make up excuses.

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