Why I write

Why I Write draft 1

Why I Write: Simply because I Can

I write simply because I can. Everybody has there own reasons near and dear to them for why it is they write.  I write because I enjoy writing and when you enjoy something you tend to do it in order to receive that joy. I write because it allows me to express myself. Writing is a way to break free—a way to escape reality and go just where ever it is that you wish to go.

I discovered my love for writing at a very young age. My earliest memories of writing were in elementary school where I first learned of my interest in writing, through poetry. I recall writing poetry in second grade for the elementary poetry contest and winning second place. This reward for writing made me enjoy writing even more. When you get rewarded for something, naturally you want to do whatever that “thing” is, again. It was the discovery of expressing myself that I came to enjoy early on in writing. I loved to write about the things that mattered most to me, things that I loved. Most of my poems back then consisted of making everything rhyme and the love I have for my family and at that age, the tender love I had for my puppy as well. Back then I wasn’t very efficient at writing being only in elementary school. Since then, I have learned a lot about writing and I’d like to believe I have improved, just a little.

It’s weird thinking back because the only form of writing I seem to remember being introduced to is the art of poetry. I don’t recall writing anything other then poems until middle school. In middle school I learn to love free writing because in my mind it was basically a longer detailed version of poetry. I also discovered my love for non-fiction writing and I enjoyed writing about my life. I still enjoyed writing about my hero’s, my family, things that were important to me.

It was high school junior year that I re-discovered my love for writing again. During this time my variety of writing interest had grown. I now was analyzing poetry, books, and short stories and writing about them and I loved it. I also learned about play writing, which was very different, and I enjoyed that. High school is where I also learned an interesting fact; I could get paid for writing “well”. In high school I earned many scholarships for simply writing about myself—and what’s easier than writing about your self? Even if you’re exaggerating a bit, it doesn’t matter because you’re writing about whatever persona you believe yourself to have.

I am now in my sophomore year of college and I have rekindled my love for writing once more as I have discovered a love for writing narratives. I enjoy writing stories based on my life. This is quite fun for me. I enjoy the whole idea of capturing dialogue and creating meaning through it. Writing this essay just made me realize that I just love to write about my self in general and things that pertain to me.  If this is bad—I don’t know. Anyway, writing narrative allowed me to capture action and take or create a memory and bring it back to life, which was just way cool. It seems that writing and I just keep reuniting, and that’s what made me decide it’s about time I take action and make something of this.

Unfortunately I am not a fan of all writing, as this year has also been the year that I have finally run into a form of writing that I struggle with and so naturally, don’t’ like — argumentative writing. My main goal is not to be better at it but to eventually come to like it. Because when it comes down to it, you like something because you have some strength in it. When you don’t like something it tends to be because it’s hard and you’re not good at it. I figure if I have a change of attitude and I start to like argumentative writing first (step one) then everything else will fall into place afterwards and this must mean I’m getting better at it (step two). And that’s when I will know I have improved.

I enjoy writing and when you enjoy doing something it becomes easier to prosper. Writing is a part of me that I love and I believe it is a very useful skill and tool to have throughout life. I couldn’t imagine my life without writing nor would I want to.

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