Differences in writing expectations

So as I have stated in my last post, I am currently on study abroad in GBR, and am adapting to the differing levels of expectations that come naturally with coming to a different school. In each of my 2 classes, three essays are assigned, each 2,000 words or less. Honestly, that doesn’t seem too bad imo. I turned in my first assignment for grading yesterday, so hopefully that will go well.

In consultation with a professor, he was telling me about the differences in North American and European writing styles. And surprisingly, in his opinion, North American students writing is far superior to that of their English peers. This came as a surprise to me, as we always hear about how dumb the Americans are, and how far superior European schools are.  The professor in question asked about my writing training, thus I got to brag on the University of Michigan and the Sweetland Center for Writing specifically. So far, the academics here have not been too rough, so hopefully this continues.

Bye for now

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