Higher Education Bubble shown through info-graphics

The most informative piece of information I found was actually a video from Education News. The website has a series of info-graphics about the higher education bubble that explain what is going on and why. While I found a lot of other links interesting, especially a Yahoo News opinion piece that imagined a world without college degrees, this video specifically spoke to incoming college students, rather than addressing (what seems to be) society at large. This video asked prospective students to assess the cost of school compared to their degree’s potential earnings, while still acknowledging that a college education is valuable in today’s society. Although I’m in college already, this was still the closest I have found to someone addressing me. It invites even current college students to investigate their motives for going to a certain university instead of pursuing an alternative.

Link to info-graphic: http://www.educationnews.org/higher-education-bubble/

Link to Yahoo News opinion piece: http://news.yahoo.com/bursting-the-higher-education-bubble–why-college-shouldn’t-matter.html

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