What are We Waiting For?

2/3 of college graduates face the world armed with debt.  Student debt in the US has exceeded a billion dollars.  Jobs are not awaiting us either.  To make things worse, some of the wealthiest US colleges are pressing legal charges against students who have defaulted on their loans.


We see the fight for equal education. We experience the fight to succeed within the institution.  What about our right to reasonably afford education?  What about our right to earn our way beyond the confines?

Chelsea, The Right to Work 1977


Zoe Kumagai

Before coming to Ann Arbor the only home I habited was in small foothill town at the crest of Los Angeles. I was raised on white rice, basketball, and Shin Buddhism. My side kick is a six-foot tall, German double bass. I major in Music Performance. I am a peer tutor for the Sweetland Center for Writing and mentors in the Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra and the Dearborn Youth Symphony. If I found a genie in a bottle I would wish for lactose-tolerance, an afternoon rollerblading with John Cage and a nose-warmer.

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