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How many of you cringe when you hear those beautiful words “Business Casual“?  It’s like they’ve taken two completely opposite words and condensed them side by side to come up with some estranged way to say, “Lets confuse the minds out of these wanna-be professionals!” What in the world does that even mean, how did society come up with the idea, and, thanks professional moguls for confusing people like me who over think every word in: wear business casual. Should I be business, or casual? Should I be professional or personable? Should I describe myself OR the person I claim to be? Do I bring you a cup of coffee as a compliment or just a small bottle of water because of my clumsiness? Should I smile and show my colgate epression or is too much smiling a weird thing? What are the steps to doing amazing in an interview and how do I deal with myself if I do absolutely horrible and want to kill someone after walking out and….failing? These questions need answers! I’m sure you understand.

Spring/Summer is quickly approcahing and too is the time for programs, internships, research, job opps, and for some, sitting at home with the rent’s. All of these things require an interview at this particular “spring” time (even the one where you stay home for the summer: some parents treat you as if you’re working a 11-5 with dishes, laundry, and babysitting the dog-_-). Now is the time to blow dust off that old suit, purchase a new pair of comfy heels, and revise your resume. Now is the time to search for handy aspirations, talk to yourself in the mirror, and fall in love with your not-so-attractive voice. Now is the time to, how do they say it, get serious because this is the only way to redeem yourself of being an overall good student that wants something better for their summer than just sitting around and counting the roses. It’s the time to buckle down, find your confident zin-mode, and tell yourself, “You can do this!” “They’ll love you!”

If you’re like me and hate dressing up for interviews, you may understand my ranting. I had two interviews last week and one this week that I ended up declining. I still have another sometime next month and a phone interview that waits for the day that I’m of course, not prepared. How do you feel about interviews? Are they your long lost enemy, close fried-emy, for long lost love (some are enjoying this)? Do you have more OR less self efficacy when you walk out of the interviewees office. Do you conduct interviews yourself? Are you similar to those who interview you when you’re on the other side of the table? I’d love to know your thoughts! But hey, hang in there, those interviews don’t completely give them all of you like you’d hope for. You are so much more than a few questions surrounded by non-fiction scenarios. You’re way more than just wearing business casual.

*I even wrote a piece about this last week on my blog, scroll down to ‘Business Casual’ to check it out !

One thought to “Business Casual”

  1. Honestly, interviews terrify me right now. I’ve worked two summers at my dad’s trading company in Chicago, and another at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, so I’ve got a handle on business casual versus professional. However, I didn’t have to do a formal interview for either of those jobs. The only job I’ve ever interviewed for was my 8-month stint at Old Navy. Even my job as a writer for the Michiganensian Yearbook didn’t require an interview. Just a couple of writing samples and a phone call and I was in. I have my first serious interview coming up at the end of April and I have no idea what to expect. I’m terrified I will blank and have no idea how to answer questions or babble on like an idiot.

    I really think high school and college need to prepare us better for the real world. They give us all of this knowledge but they never really tell us how to get someone to hire us for a job where we can use that knowledge. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

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