I was born on this day…*spring

Some claim to argue whether the first day of spring is March 20, or, some like myself stay with the non-proved fact of it being March 21. Ever since my second grade teacher Mrs. Morgan showed me a calendar with First Day of Spring on the same day as my birthday (March 21), I was convinced. Convinced that Spring was on my date of birth, and ever since that cold tuesday morning in Mrs. Morgan’s class, I’ve been one of the first to tell about my amazing birth….on the first day of Spring. My mom doesn’t remember of course, me being her first child, she wasn’t excited about the thought of a nice spring day back then, but more so happy to finally push me out three days after being in the hospital. I was pretty stubborn.

Sad to say, even though my birthday is tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like….Spring. I feel like I’m about to “spring” into 21 years of age, I feel like I’m going to “spring” onto the stage tomorrow night at the Rihanna concert (cake cake cake cake cake) and, I even feel like I’m going to “spring” out of bounds on the thought of legally buying wine. I mean, the weather isn’t giving me much of a spring-y feeling besides all of those reasons.

How about you? Will you wish me a happy birthday? Will you now think about me every time this spectacular day comes to mind? Or will you cringe at the thought of fighting against the wind tomorrow morning as you trud to class or cramp into Beanster’s line for an iced caramel latte. I would love to know: Spring insists!



ps: i love chrysanthemums if you want to get me a gift…(hint, hint)

4 thoughts to “I was born on this day…*spring”

  1. Kalynn, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m so sorry that spring isn’t here to usher in your birthday in style that you have become accustomed to. I’m glad you thought of other ways that spring will be incorporated into your big day, since the weather gods don’t seem to be stepping up. I hope you have a great day and enjoy Rihanna!

  2. I can relate to it not feeling like Spring. It’s good, though, that you feel like springing into a new age. Whenever I turn another year older, I don’t really feel a year older. Usually, I’m halfway to my next birthday before I feel older. So, my question to you would be… Do you feel older/more grown-up than you were at your last birthday?

    1. Okay, I JUST read this post – so this is most certainly belated – but, happy birthday! It’s always nice when one of your favorite artists (I’m assuming…) is playing on your birthday – it’s like instant celebration plans! Though I’ve always had plenty of fun with friends just embracing normalcy on my special day, it’s always a little more special there’s a concert, or a game of some sort going on. My birthday is July 5th – smack dab in the middle of summer concert season – so there’s usually a good chance that some musician I even relatively enjoy is performing on a date close enough to consider the outing a birthday bash (and of course it’s fun to pretend that all the fireworks that time of year are really for me 🙂 )

  3. Happy belated birthday Kalynn! I hope you had a fantastic birthday and a wonderful time at Rihanna! Even though the weather has been much less than stellar lately, Rihanna certainly heated things up at the Joe. I thought she put on a great show, and I was impressed to see that she seemed to be having a genuinely great time. Her outfits were wild but awesome, and her singing was better than I expected for a live show. I’m glad I got the last minute opportunity to go, and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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