Kelli Graham, Luke Robinson, Kate Sanford

A year ago today, we were all sitting on our porches, sipping cold drinks and sporting tank tops. This morning, however, was all about layering clothes and mentally preparing ourselves for the bitter cold outside. St. Patty’s Day took place indoors, and the fact that even college kids couldn’t drink the cold away should be a strong indication of the ridiculous winter that just seems to want to stick around.

The most obnoxious part about the weather has to be the two or three days which actually gave us a glimpse of the spring we don’t have. There were a couple days in early March that was in the 60’s, giving us just enough hope to think that the worst was over. Just when we were numb to the idea of ever seeing the sun again, we were given these days to inspire false ideas of warmth. However, once again we’re closer to days like this.


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  1. Last year was absolutely beautiful (think shorts, cropped t-shirt, and an actual need for sunglasses). The year before was pretty nice too. This made St. Patty’s 2013 all the more disappointing, because we were so spoiled the last couple years with darties under the sun. Hopefully we’ll get a taste of this weather soon, and hopefully it sticks around!

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