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I hope you’ve all had a great spring break! Shame that we’re losing an hour tonight – well, technically, we’re not, but whatever. I’m reluctant to shift out of this (sort of) blissful holiday mode to get back into the swing of things but here’s my effort to force myself out of it.

After scouring the first few (reliable) pages of Google search results from a combination of key words, here are links to some of the works of the authors Ray mentioned in class. Click here for Eula Biss’ essays, here for the only David Shields essay I came across amongst a ton of book reviews, here for an essay by Maggie Nelson, and here and here for Bhanu Kapil’s writing.

Edit: Right after I posted this, I went back to the Capstone blog to see that the post wasn’t there. Of course it wasn’t because I’d tagged it in the Gateway blog. Apparently even my mind is stuck in the past. 🙁

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