Am I the Only One Who Loves Winter?

I know a week or two ago, T sent out a CTools announcement asking if maybe it was time for a winter rant. I think this was in the middle of that bizarre, blizzard-like weather we were getting (I shouldn’t actually be saying bizarre; this is Michigan, after all). Rather than inspire me, it angered me somewhat.

Now, I know a lot of people do not like winter at all. I can somewhat understand where all of you are coming from, especially after living through the “snowpacalypse” of 2011 in Chicago. It takes a certain hardiness, if you will, to take a liking to this brutal season, especially in the Midwest.

I, however, have loved winter for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite memories of it is from high school. Sophomore year we were released early because of an impending snow storm (back when winter still behaved like winter and there were no 50 degree days in sight in February). My neighbor dropped me off at home while my parents were out, and so I decided to amuse myself. Our entire backyard had been frozen over because of a huge temperature drop after snowfall the night before. I layered on my snow gear and lumbered outside looking like the Michelin Man.

I also have tires as biceps.

So I get outside, and I’m not sure what to do with a frozen-over yard. I figured out that it had frozen so well that I could slide around on it and not break the glassy surface. I then discovered we had left a few cans of pop out here at some point (I think we were using the backyard as an extra refrigerator at this point in winter) and decided it would be fun to roll them across the ice all the way across my backyard. It was so cool the first time that I decided to take a video of the next one, which I unfortunately deleted off of my Facebook. Here is a picture of the can I chucked, though.

It looks like the liquid inside had frozen, too.

Anyways, the point is, while I’m having a ton of fun throwing things across the yard, my parents come home and realize that I’m “not there”, as in not in the actual house, when I should be, and they freak out and think immediately that I’ve been kidnapped. Obviously, checking the backyard would make too much sense. Now, I give them credit that it was freezing outside and most people would not be out in that. BUT I lived in their house for 17 years at that point; they should know my love of all things cold.

After calling my neighbor, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s mom (while she was at work), my dad finally decided to open the curtains to the back patio. Lo and behold, there I was, just throwing cans of pop all over the yard in the middle of freezing Chicago winter. Once they figured it out, they were a little miffed, but not at all surprised.

I love the cold of winter. I love that chill I get when I walk outside and that initial burst of fresh air. It’s a beautiful, clean feeling — not at all what you get when you walk outside on a hot summer day.

I love when it snows and campus seems to quiet down some, like everyone is in awe of the beauty the snow leaves. I even love trudging through the slush in my snow boots. I love winter outerwear and wearing layers on layers on layers of clothing. I love all the goofy hats and warm gloves and the fact that inside is much more cozy when it’s so cold outside.

Sure, sometimes I wish class would be cancelled when it’s so snowy out, but not because I don’t want to see the snow. More because I’d much rather curl up inside with my hot chocolate and read, while the snow falls and falls on the other side of the window.

There’s just something about winter that makes me fall in love with everything all over again. I do want to hear what people think about this though – am I the ONLY one who loves this season?

Kaitlin Schuler

Hey all! I'm a 20 year old female from the southern suburbs of Chicago. I've been in love with books since I was a babe in swaddling clothes, and that has been the one constant relationship in my life. I also love hot chocolate, hockey, hot dogs, and hoe-downs. Well...maybe not the last one. Though I've never been, so that could change! Keep up with my posts and learn more about this hockey-loving, hot chocolate-drinking girl.

One thought to “Am I the Only One Who Loves Winter?”

  1. I liked your post Kaitlin. As a fellow Michigander, I know everyone in Michigan gets really tired of winter but I’m sure we (secretly, of course) like it a little bit inside. I, personally, have more of a love-hate relationship with snow. I love the first couple of hours that it snows but then trudging through the slush, a few hours later, can be frustrating. But, I agree with you. I really miss the snow. It has definitely snowed more frequently this year than it has in the last couple years, but I still miss the winter blizzards we used to get during elementary and middle school. Your story reminded me of a blizzard snowday I had during elementary school. I remember school was closed for more than one day and I made a mini snowman with my, then 2 year old, sister. Remember snowpants? Getting ready for recess in those days used to be such a big process. I remember kids would just stay in their snowpants the whole day because they were tired of putting them on and taking them off! Do kids even wear snowpants these days? I don’t think we ever get enough snow for kids to actually wear snowpants.

    Snowpants, snowmen, etc.- I miss them. Maybe it’ll snow soon? But, to answer your question, I do like winter. I’ve considered moving to a warmer place but I know I’ll still miss the snow:)

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